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Earth Day Chef Challenge: Verlasso Salmon

When you think of Earth Day events and activities, many such things come to mind, such as planting trees, cleaning up a watershed, or recycling, or as Mr. Dining in DC says, “Some other nature thing.” Us foodies (that includes You) always include food in everything that we do — including Earth Day. On Monday, [...]


Kaz Sushi Bistro Offers Omakase

In Japanese cuisine, tasting menus are called omakase which traditionally, the chef designs the menu for you, based on the very best ingredients available. Kaz Sushi Bistro, one of DC’s most popular and well-regarded sushi destinations due to veteran chef, Kazuhiro “Kaz” Okochi’s reputation for composing beautifully crafted fresh seafood offers several omakase menus.

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Restaurants Offer Social Media Promotions

How often do you use social media to ask about dining recommendations? Daily, right? Many DC area restaurants are starting to understand this and are now using this to their advantage. Many DC area restaurants have been using social media to engage their guests even before the come through the door. These restaurants have embraced the latest technology and have taken the concept of hospitality one step further.


Dining in DC’s Top 10 Memorable Bites

Over the course of the last four years, since I started the blog, I have been asked many times what my favorite restaurant is or even where I would go if it was my last meal on Earth. To a person who spends more money on dining out than anything else, this is a very [...]


Iceland: Far more than Bjork and the Blue Lagoon

Guest post by Daphne Domingo of Go Gastronomy

Deliciousness was not a word I would have ever considered associating with Icelandic culture – until now. On November 17, I had the opportunity to attend a reception to celebrate Iceland’s annual Food & Fun Festival at the residence of home of Ambassador Mr. Hjalmar W. Hannesson [...]


Dish of the Week Spotlight: Masa 14

I reported on the opening a week or so ago; however, to sum up, Chef Richard Sandoval, who brought us his marriage of Latin-Asian flavors, Zengo has partnered with award winning Chef Kazuhiro “Kaz” Okochi of Kaz Sushi Bistro to bring us their new joint concept serving Latin and Asian small plates. After several months [...]

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Tuesday's Feature: New Restaurant Openings

Even in today’s tough economy, miraculously somehow the local DC metropolitan area restaurant industry has managed to bode relatively well despite the downturn. It is even more astounding that there have been so many restaurants opening this fall. The following includes a brief listing of recent restaurant openings:
Kellari Taverna – Owner Stavros Aktipis and Partner [...]

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Restaurant Week Top Ten Picks

Restaurant Week occurs twice a year during the slow restaurant season in the winter (usually January) and the late summer (usually August). Restaurants are typically slow around the holiday season and in the summertime when people take vacation away from the DC area. Many restaurants welcome Restaurant Week as a way to drum up [...]

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Masa 14 Launches with Antonio Burrell as Chef de Cuisine

Chef Kaz Okochi of Kaz Sushi Bistro

Almost every possible ethnic cuisine is represented in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Well except one – Latin-Asian. Often a restaurant is Latin or it is Asian -rarely would you find both under one roof. Chefs Kazuhiro “Kaz” Okochi of Kaz Sushi Bistro and Richard Sandoval of La Sandia/Zengo [...]