DC Stadium at dusk. Image courtesy of Mike Myers.

Extra Innings: Where to go Before and After Nationals Games

Baseball used to mean crackerjacks and peanuts. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. As most Americans’ culinary interests have exploded, unless you’re a lover of Taco Bell Doritos Locos tacos (in which case you’re probably dealing with a different type of gastrointestinal explosion), our appetite for a good meal and a great game have [...]

Wine wine-cart

Wine on a Dime: Half-price Wine Nights

How about a glass of wine to help chase away the Winter Blues nearly every day of the week? There are restaurants all over the DC area included.

Restaurants tend to offer wine deals early in the week to increase business on slower nights—most promotions are on Sunday and Monday, but Wine Down Wednesday is super [...]

Restaurant Information/Press Oysters at Urbana

Best Shucking Happy Hours

Did you know that there is a “National Oyster Day”? Well – in my mind, everyday should be oyster day!
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But if you don’t want to sell an arm and a leg to enjoy these briny bivalves, Happy Hour is the way to go.
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Here are some reliable bets in the [...]

Dining Review Pizza Crudo

Pizzeria Orso: Foodie Tested. Mother Approved

It’s a constant struggle to choose the perfect place to dine, as a foodie and as a mother. There just aren’t a lot of choices that both satisfy my palate and are suitable to take my family (my kids are typical chicken nugget and french fries eaters).
Recently, for my sister’s birthday, I made the suggestion [...]

Vegan VEG

Dining in DC – Dining with a Vegan edition

I should start by saying that I eat everything.
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Pig blood ice cream? Bring it on!  So when a vegan friend was visiting me recently, I was in a fix.  What were we going to eat? Thankfully, more and more restaurants in the area have some kind of vegan option, so although [...]