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A Weekend Getaway to Historic Frederick, MD

After being married almost eight years, my husband and I finally decided to take a special trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary. With two kids (ages seven and three), we don’t often get the opportunity to disappear for a week or even a weekend. If you have kids, then you can relate. If [...]

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Join me for the "Duponada" taste test tomorrow at Dupont Farmers Market.

Panas Gourmet Empanadas which opened recently at 2029 P Street NW in Dupont Cirlce is holding a contest to create a locally sourced empanada. What better way to become part of the community than name a menu item after it? Brilliant! Two weeks ago, entrants submitted a recipe or a list of [...]

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Dolcezza Artisanal Gelato now open in Dupont Cirlce offers gelato using local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients.

If you’re looking for a delicious, healthy, and awfully rewarding way to keep cool this summer stop by Dolcezza – now in Dupont Circle! You could miss it … it’s right next door to Starbucks coffee and below one of my favorite stores, Secondi. Dolcezza offers artisanal gelato in three locations within the Washington, DC [...]

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Reston Farmers Market

Today the Shapiro family was in Reston for a free childrens puppet show, DinoRocks at the Lake Fairfax Amphitheater. Along the way we came across the Reston Farmer’s Market. As soon as the show was over we rushed over there hoping it would be open past 11 a.m. — and we were in luck. Even [...]