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Washingtonian’s 100 Very Best Restaurants List 2013 Released

Last year I conducted a five-year analysis of the restaurants ranked as the top ten, celebrating the five-year anniversary of the top ten ranking. In 2013, I was shocked about some of the outgoing restaurants that I love, yet not surprised with others on the incoming list. Up until this year, the Very Best list had remained about the same since 2007. A few restaurants moved up or down a notch or two; however, in 2013, there were a few surprises.

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DC Area Restaurants Offering Thanksgiving Feasts

To most, Thanksgiving means a home-cooked meal enjoyed with your (extended extended extended) family. I’ve cooked. I’ve put in my dues. To me, while lovely to spend time with your family, it ultimately translates to: hours spent burning your fingers, throwing your back out, and weeks of prep-time. If I had my choice, I’d opt [...]

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DC Area Restaurants Celebrate National Peach Month

Did you know that the month of August is National Peach month and that according to Chinese folklore (no I’m not Chinese), peaches are associated with and powers of immortality? Popular ethnic eats guru, Mary Kong-Devito of Girl Meets Food and author of City Paper’s new column, “Are you gonna to eat that?!” confirmed that even today “peaches [...]


Iceland: Far more than Bjork and the Blue Lagoon

Guest post by Daphne Domingo of Go Gastronomy

Deliciousness was not a word I would have ever considered associating with Icelandic culture – until now. On November 17, I had the opportunity to attend a reception to celebrate Iceland’s annual Food & Fun Festival at the residence of home of Ambassador Mr. Hjalmar W. Hannesson [...]

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The Obamas Eat Their Way Through DC.

First Eater, Chowhound-in-Chief, Executive Dining Officer, President Barack Obama has earned many o’nickname for his know how: how to dig in. Since moving to Washington, DC from Chicago, the Obamas have been out on the town quite a bit sampling new restaurants or dining out with staff and friends.
Keeping with their tradition of [...]


What's happening this weekend?

Cochon 555, May 31
Five pigs, Five Chefs, and Five winemakers (hence the 555) will be battling it out on Sunday at five o’clock at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC as the Taste Network from Atlanta is hosting Cochon 555, a heritage breed pig cook-off. Cochon 555 is the only national chef competition promoting [...]