How to be a Restaurant Owner in DC for as Little as $100

It’s one thing to be a foodie, and it’s another to be a foodie who also owns a restaurant. Until recently, it was hard to be both. Prequel, a new restaurant pop-up complex powered by DC-based EquityEats, is the first business in the District to take advantage of new equity crowdfunding laws allowing all DC [...]


James Beard Foundation Coming to DC

Get your tickets now for the next stop on the James Beard Foundation’s “Celebrity Chef Tour” right here in Washington, D.C. The Celebrity Chef Tour began in 2004 as a way to bring the unique experience of dining at New York City’s historic James Beard House to cities around the country.
At each Celebrity Chef Tour [...]

Beef & Burgundy Promotion

Beef Bacon & Burgundy at Smith & Wollensky

During Winter Restaurant Week while dining at Smith & Wollensky we came across their newest promotion, Beef Bacon & Burgundy. As lovers of steak, we were quite intrigued to learn more. Of course they offer a prix-fixe menu, but items can also be ordered à la carte if you so choose. Although we only grabbed [...]

Julia Hurst

Speed Rack DC Doesn’t Disappoint As Julia Hurst Shows She’s The Fastest

With over 20 mixologists coming out to support Speed Rack DC it was an exciting night to be inside The Howard Theatre. Spirit vendors surrounded the stage as pre made cocktails jump-started the competition. The crowd eagerly watched in anticipation as the judges critiqued aspects of every single drink ranging from taste to presentation. Asking [...]


Capella DC’s Thanksgiving Gives New Meaning to Posh

On a cold and windy day last month, we were asked to attend Capella DC‘s Thanksgiving Tasting. Thinking about turkey, stuffing, and cranberry in October may seem impossible but the thought of comforting food that day kept my attention more than TGIT (Gladiators know!) To my surprise, the group was extremely small as we were [...]

Norwegian King Crab Amuse

It’s Not Too Late to Experience Nordic Week

Nordic Week has commenced and the reviews have come back…Washingtonians are definitely interested. Chef Bart Vandaele known for his exquisite Belgian cuisine at Belga Cafe as well as B Too, shows that he is knowledgeable in Nordic flavors as well. As one of the board members of the  Norwegian Seafood Council’s Culinary Board, his dedication [...]


Top Three “Must Sees” at Great Tastes of Tysons

This weekend is the Great Taste of Tysons, a food and wine festival from Drink.Eat.Relax. We went and checked out the sights, sounds and tastes on the first day of the festival. We picked out three “must sees” that today’s attendees can’t miss out on:

Whole Hog Butchering Session: Head to the workshop area one at 1 p.m. [...]

Red Red Wine. Image courtesy of  Faisal Akram Ether.

Great Bites and Sips at the Great Taste of Tysons

The fun and sun of Memorial Day may be a memory, but the summer festival season is just beginning. Start things off right with a brand new festival premiering this weekend in Virginia. Head to Lerner Town Square at Tysons II this Saturday and Sunday for the Great Taste of Tysons, a food and wine festival [...]

Four leaf clover. Image courtesy of cygnus921

Picking Lucky for St. Patrick’s Day 2014

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated annually on March 17th. Every year, one can expect to find legions of green-clad revelers taking to the streets in search of beer, whiskey and merriment. However since St. Patrick’s Day will follow on a Monday, those celebrations will extend all weekend long and into [...]

The Ultimate Guide to buy cheap jerseys

The Ultimate Guide to buy cheap jerseys
To be honest, many people choose to buy online what they want, household items, snacks, appliances and so on. Now football and basketball ball games are sweeping the globe, many people are online to buy some ball games equipment, since because of something online will be a little [...]

Duggan's Porter and Fest

District of Hops: February’s Best Beer Events

We are three months into winter, and to say that it has been brutal would be an understatement akin to saying panda cubs are “kinda cute.” Winter 2014 has been long and historically rough. However, there are reasons to look on the bright side. Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it warmth and [...]

Craft Beer Dinner Pairing. Image courtesy of  5chw4r7z.

District of Hops: January’s Best Beer Events

The new year is already a week old. Time sure does seems to fly when you’re frozen and miserable. If you made a resolution to stop drinking in 2014, stop reading right now. However, if you’re like me and you’ve resolved to continue to enjoy the nectar of the gods, you are in luck. January [...]

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Cheap Nfl Nba Nhl Mlb Jerseys Free Shipping From China
There s more than just great technique and superior skill involved in mixed martial arts. Part of the sport s appeal is the glamour and spirit of the competition, and wearing an cheap nfl jerseys free shipping makes people feel like they re part of [...]

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. Image courtesy of Don Lavange

District of Hops: December’s Best Beer Events

The holiday season is in full force! Thanksgiving and Black Friday fights have given way to Yuletide and eggnog. December is the month of giving, and there are plenty of very generous beer events this month. Grab a pint glass, clear your calendar, and make sure to end 2013 with a cold beer in your [...]