Beef & Burgundy Promotion

Beef Bacon & Burgundy at Smith & Wollensky

During Winter Restaurant Week while dining at Smith & Wollensky we came across their newest promotion, Beef Bacon & Burgundy. As lovers of steak, we were quite intrigued to learn more. Of course they offer a prix-fixe menu, but items can also be ordered à la carte if you so choose. Although we only grabbed [...]


Love, Lust, and Lobster: A Last Minute Guide To Valentine’s Day

You’re the perfect partner. You’ve chosen the chocolates, reserved your roses, and you’ve put every plan into place. You are ready for to give your love a night that will make Nicholas Sparks realize he knows nothing about love.
Let’s be honest, you’re probably not that person (and that’s okay). It’s a crazy modern world we live in, and no [...]

Unibroue Beer Dinner at the Light Horse Restaurant: June 5

[caption id="attachment_11014" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Unibroue Beer Dinner: June 5 7 p.m."][/caption]

It’s a bit dramatic, right? Yes, but it could happen! Especially if you don’t go June 5th to The Light Horse Restaurant (715 King St. Alexandria, VA) for their beer dinner featuring pairings with the French Canadian brewery Unibroue, known for their outstanding, elegant Belgians [...]

Cherry Blossom Inspired Menu at Equinox

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="161" caption="Chocolate Tart"][/caption]

The Cherry Blossoms are gone around the tidal basin, but you still have time to enjoy the special Cherry Blossom 3-course menu at Equinox Restaurant (818 Connecticut Ave., NW) available now through April 27th! This special menu will celebrate the observance of the centennial cherry blossom festival with festive dishes [...]

DC Restaurants offering Passover Seder

Passover is fast approaching and many families across the nation begin to plan their Seder feasts, make travel plans to see their loved ones, brainstorm where to hide the afikoman, while others look to see what’s on the menu at some of D.C.’s best restaurants. Although most certified kosher establishments close for the holiday, a [...]

Cherry Blossom Cuisine: Cherry Picks

The blooming of the much heralded Cherry Blossoms symbolizes the first signs of Spring. Spring has arrived a little bit early this year and Washington’s cherry trees have already begun to awaken. Soon the blossoms will explode into a riot of pink and white hues, just as they have for the past 100 years. To [...]

Valentine’s Day 2012: Romantic, Indulgent Meals, Budget Friendly, and Singles-Only Anti-Valentine’s Day Fetes

Love is in the air this time of year (whether you like it or not). Many DC Restaurants offer special menus and promotions to sweethearts (and singles) dining out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. January is coming to a close and the big V-Day, Tuesday, February 14th, is just around the corner, so don’t wait to [...]

Dining in DC Mailbag: Christmas Dinner Ask Lisa Response

Do you have a question about where do dine out in the DC area? Post your questions to Ask Lisa here! You can also read about other people’s questions, and my solutions. Yes, every single question to, Ask Lisa gets published and answered. Also via Twitter, I have often helped readers obtain hard to get [...]

Restaurant 3 Fireplace. Photo courtesy of Restaurant 3.

Enjoy a Comforting Combo: Dining Fireside and Prix-Fixe Menus

We’re not quite there yet, but we’re closer than we think. Once the cold sets in, there is nothing more comforting than dining and enjoying a glass of wine or cocktail beside the warmth of a roaring fire. Oh wait, there is! It’s even more comforting knowing that it you can enjoy a fine meal [...]