Stadium at dusk. Image courtesy of Mike Myers.

Extra Innings: Where to go Before and After Nationals Games

Baseball used to mean crackerjacks and peanuts. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. As most Americans’ culinary interests have exploded, unless you’re a lover of Taco Bell Doritos Locos tacos (in which case you’re probably dealing with a different type of gastrointestinal explosion), our appetite for a good meal and a great game have [...]

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals

Prepping for a Doubleheader: Where to Go Before or After Nationals Games

It’s baseball season once again. Presidents with giant heads have laced up their running shoes and fans have donned their favorite Nationals gear. While we may not all have “Natitude,” many Washingtonians are looking forward to a trip to Nationals Park. Hot dogs, cold beer, and the seventh inning stretch (or as I call it, the loosening [...]


7th Annual Crab Cake Competition

It’s that time again! The American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF) is holding its 7th Annual “I Love Crab Cakes!” competition at Phillips Flagship Restaurant (900 Water St., S.W) at the Washington, DC Southwest Waterfront honoring Karen Cathey.
The annual competition and fundraiser featuring the Chesapeake’s finest and remembrance of Karen Cathey will take place on Monday, [...]