Dining and Dating: Win a #SparkDate Dinner for Two at Ghibellina

Want to dine on our dime? Looking for a great date night for two? In need of a fantastic meal you can tell your friends about? Win dinner for two at Ghibellina (1610 14th St. NW) from Dining in DC and Sparkology!

Ghibellina is one of the newest additions to the increasingly popular and crowded 14th Street restaurant [...]


Dining and Dating District Style: Ghibellina

Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been nine months since my last Dining and Dating District Style review. A definitely unaccomplished mission to obtain Ryan Reynolds’ physique sidetracked me from providing prompt and regular reviews; however, a recent meeting with the good folks of Sparkology, a NYC-based dating service set to launch [...]


Love, Lust, and Lobster: A Last Minute Guide To Valentine’s Day

You’re the perfect partner. You’ve chosen the chocolates, reserved your roses, and you’ve put every plan into place. You are ready for to give your love a night that will make Nicholas Sparks realize he knows nothing about love.
Let’s be honest, you’re probably not that person (and that’s okay). It’s a crazy modern world we live in, and no [...]


Dining and Dating District Style: Belga Cafe

Almost everyone has a television show that they love and will not miss. For some that show is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (if you are a fan please stop reading and go back to playing with colored blocks), but for many that show is Top Chef. The District has been regularly well represented on [...]

Bandolero Dining Room

Dining and Dating Halloween Style: Bandolero

It is Halloween season and unless you are a skinny dipping coed in a horror film, love is likely not in the air. In fact, I would bet money that this week you are probably giving more thought to your Halloween costume (Honey Boo Boo is not a costume, it is a plague upon society) [...]

Ardeo Dining Room. Photo by Andrew Lightman

Dining and Dating District Style: Ardeo+Bardeo

As this is my fourth outing for my column, Dining and Dating District Style, you might assume that I have already found a place great for a third date. I’d be logical (and numerical) to assume that my culinary capers had already led me to the final tier of my 3 date rating system; however, just [...]

Rasika Main Dining Room. Photo by Robert Miller

Dining and Dating District Style: Rasika West End

Seductive. Sleek. Charming. Words that I wish I could use to describe myself; however, it was my initial thoughts upon walking into Rasika’s new West End location (1177 22nd St., NW). Rasika is derived from Sanskrit meaning “flavors” which is quite appropriate on many levels. Entering Rasika, guests are immediately greeted with a sensory overload. The aroma of exotic [...]

Escargot Hush Puppies 2

Dining and Dating District Style: Mintwood Place

After my first Dining and Dating District Style post, I struggled with where to land my fork for my next article. Much like a second date, I wanted our second experience to leave you impressed and curious for more. A number of friends recommended restaurants they deemed worthy (thankfully only one suggestion was for Applebee’s), [...]

Jaleo Tapas Bar by Jose Andres

Dining and Dating District Style: Jaleo

Dining and Dating District Style is a series focusing on dating from the viewpoint of the plate. Expect restaurant reviews with recommendations for a First, Second, or Third Date, tips on what to order and how to find happiness at the end of the fork. For this series’ inaugural restaurant review, I visited the restaurant that introduced the Spanish tapas concept to DC: Jaleo.