Outdoor seating the heights coming soon

The Heights – New chef, New menu, New look!

One of Columbia Heights’ neighborhood restaurants, The Heights, is about to get a major makeover. From their press release: The EatWell DC, LLC owned establishment is going to have an updated look to accompany the new menu created the recently-appointed Head Chef, Kerry Tate.

The Heights is having a few different (and awesome)celebrations:
1) 10/27/13 - Everything Must Go [...]

Restaurant Information/Press Oysters at Urbana

Best Shucking Happy Hours

Did you know that there is a “National Oyster Day”? Well – in my mind, everyday should be oyster day! But if you don’t want to sell an arm and a leg to enjoy these briny bivalves, Happy Hour is the way to go. Here are some reliable bets in the DC area to enjoy [...]

New Restaurant Opening IMG_2371

Casa Luca: A Gorgeous Downtown Osteria.

Washington DC’s fine dining scene changed with the addition of Fiola. At the bare mention of “Italian food” in DC, people start gushing about the greatness of Fiola. And yes, it is a beautiful classy restaurant with amazing fresh food; however, it is not cheap and for some has to be (as in my case) [...]

Holiday Celebration GalleryFPO

Memorial Day Staycation – Stay delicious!

So you’ve decided not to travel this Memorial Day weekend – good for you. Now what? If the thought of the Beltway is making you think twice about embarking on an elaborate trip, not to worry! You can have a fabulous holiday weekend at home too. Here’s how to make your Memorial Day staycation a [...]

Adams Morgan Vegetarian ramen (With chicken meatballs)

Taan Noodles Adds to DC's Ramen Explosion

DC is in the midst of a ramen explosion. Although wait times are measured in hours at these trendy, no-reservation small spots, many make long treks out to get some of that soothing broth and noodles, especially on a day like today. When a ramen place recently opened within walking distance of home, of course [...]

New Restaurant Opening El Bandolero

DC Dining 2012: A Year in Review

Looking back, overall 2012 was a great year for D.C.’s dining scene. The District flourished with an abundance of new restaurants, new chefs, new menus, new cuisines, and a lot of great food. First-timers opened restaurants, established chefs expanded their empires, forward-thinking bakeries opened up, DC got its first philanthropub, a Jewish style deli, Balkan [...]

Vegan VEG

Dining in DC – Dining with a Vegan edition

I should start by saying that I eat everything. Pig blood ice cream? Bring it on!  So when a vegan friend was visiting me recently, I was in a fix.  What were we going to eat? Thankfully, more and more restaurants in the area have some kind of vegan option, so although we have divergent [...]

Ethnic Eats indian_spices

A Flavorful Journey Through the Regions of India

To many people, Indian food consists mostly of curries, chutneys, and kebabs. In actuality, the food from one region of India may be completely different than to another and totally foreign to a person from another region. There is a common thread however– the use of different spices to create flavor. Below, I take you [...]