Hilton Brothers Open Room with a ‘Boo’

Opening night – Boo behind the bar

With Halloween just around the corner, ’tis the season for people to jump out and shout “Boo!” At the new Satellite Room (2047 9th St., NW), diners can look forward to hearing Boo a bit more often. The newest neighbor to DC music institution 9:30 club (and newest venture for the the musically inclined Hilton brothers) opened doors last Tuesday, October 10th and greeted concert goers with fancy-free food to fuel up, as well as a friendly face behind the bar by the name of Boo.

Chicken-fried Steak & a Shake

Under the glow of neon, future regulars considered some of Boo’s recommendations, which started with the Smoke Stack, a chipotle cheeseburger with thick-a cut bacon and bleu cheese, tacos with handmade corn tortillas, a trio of salsas, and a choice of grilled skirt steak, roasted pork, seared or fried tilapia, or grilled chicken. With Boo’s help, chicken fried steak, crisp green beans, and mashed potatoes proved a worthy choice, causing nearby diners to question more than once, “What smells SO good?” The crisp breading was fried to perfection and seasoned as such that a second helping of the breading alone would surely fly repeatedly from kitchen to table.

First-night diners at Satellite Room

If you’ve assembled a crew to get rowdy before dancing just down the street at U St. Music Hall, pull together a few tables in the heated outdoor patio and order a round of boozy shakes named for some of history’s more flavorful characters. Will it be A.C. Slater’s avocado ice crime and tequila that gets you doing “The Hop” or hitting the sauce with Vincent Vega’s vanilla ice cream and Bourbon that inspires you to win a dance contest? If all you need is a sugar rush to get going, all of the Satellite Room’s shakes are available without an alcoholic twist (pun completely intended).

For those who desire a more intimate experience, large booths are available, overlooked by dim lighting and the faces of creative minds (and facial hair) of Elvis and Baltimore’s John Waters. Diners could share adorably outfitted fries of the French, sweet potato, or yucca varieties from Chinese takeout container (and possibly dip them in a chocolate shake a la redhead promoted fast-food frosty dessert). Sitting across from your sweetie and sharing a dessert of churros and Mexican hot chocolate, key lime pie, or comforting apple cobbler may be the perfect way to wind down after a low-key show next door.

Whether looking for a colorful place to meet friends or make new ones at the bar, Satellite Room shows character in food, drink, decor, and staff. The first and surely not last time you stop by the Satellite Room, don’t forget to say “hi” to Boo and tell them that Dining in DC sent you!


Written by Dining in DC’s contributor, Lindsay Hovermale 

Look for more posts from Lindsay to get information on the special event and music scenes in DC and the surrounding areas. Follow her on Twitter @theycallmeHOVE and her forthcoming blog, Hunger Hierarchy.

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