Restaurants Offer Social Media Promotions

If you haven’t noticed, Dining in DC has become a tweeting Taz (and we’re not the only ones to think so!). Dining in DC has been nominated as “Best Tweeter”, as well as, “Best Food Blog” in the Express Night Out Best of contest. In addition, last week, Dining in DC was listed as one of the Top 10 Foodies to Follow by CBS (along with Chefs Jose Andres and Mike Isabella!) Talk about an honor … wow!

In DC, Twitter has become a popular vehicle to obtain and disseminate information, even if it means asking other foodies where to go for good eats. CBC says, “From chefs to foodies to policy, DC’s Twitter feeds explode with an array of information about all things edible.”

How often do you use social media to ask about dining recommendations? Daily, right? I think that many restaurants are starting to understand this and are now using this to their advantage. Many DC area restaurants, like Co Co. Sala, Policy, and Bourbon Steak have been using social media to engage their guests even before the come through the door for years. These restaurants have embraced the latest technology and have taken the concept of hospitality one step further. Tweets to potential customers inviting them in really makes a person feel welcome. I believe diners are more compelled to visit a restaurant where they feel welcome before they even step in the door.

Jumping quickly on the bandwagon is one of DC’s best sushi restaurants in town, Kaz Sushi Bistro, who is offering free drinks to diners who tweet directly to them.

According to their recent tweets, if you tweet directly to @KazSushiBistro the word, “Omakase” (which means tasting) and show your server while dining, you can receive a free drink of your choice, including beer, wine, or cocktail! What a cool promotion! Way to engage your guests! I love it! Kudos to Kaz!

Also on Facebook, Kaz Sushi Bistro has launched a special Happy Hour offer to GW students! With a student GWU ID, students get a special happy hour menu from 5:30-6:30, and $4 deals on select food and drinks. *Cheers!

Policy Restaurant & Lounge engage their customers via Twitter and Facebook by holding “Fan of the Week” contests.  Also hold “best customer” contests on a new site called Womply. 

So what other restaurants are offering social media promotions? What’s your two tweets worth?

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