Summer’s Last Hurrah! Fun Traditions Passed On

Gone 1 week!

To my family, especially my 8-year-old son, Alex, who is off to the 3rd grade in a few weeks, the last two weeks of summer are a time to get ready for the upcoming school year, but also to enjoy the last hurrah for family summer fun. With that being said, I’m going to do my very best to enjoy this week at the the beach with my family (aka relaxing). It’s true what they say; kids grow up so fast. My kids will be in their thirties bringing their kids to the beach before I know it.

Piling in the car and heading to the Eastern Shore has always been a long standing tradition for my side of the family, the Florescas, but it’s a relatively new tradition for the Shapiro family. It wasn’t part of my original plan, but I’ve realized that this is a great time to share with my two children, Alex and Marissa, all of the special things that I loved about going to the beach when I was their age. Every year when I was a kid, my parents took my sister and I to Ocean City. We looked forward to it every year, especially riding the go-karts at Fenwick Island, Viking Golf, Fisher’s Popcorn, the bread at Harpoon Hanna’s, all you can eat crabs at Hooper’s, Trimper’s amusements, boardwalk fries, and more … I could go on all night about all of the things that we loved about the beach.

Alex getting ready to zoom-zoom!

I nearly teared up today taking my son on his first go-kart ride, on the exact same track that my sister, Christa and I used to tear up when we were tweens. He held on super tight and yelled loudly just like I used to when my sister, Christa drove too fast around the bend sliding into the guard rail. When I was a little older and tall enough to reach the pedals (yeah around 16), I had my own go-kart and we raced around the track like maniacs. We were kicked off (proudly) every year for being “too rough.” Did I mention that we were proud of this? In fact, I bragged to my son today how his Aunt Christa and I were “crazy”. The memories rushed back standing in line next to the chain link fence. I took this photo with my iPhone and sent it to my sis. It was then that I realized that there are just some things that one holds precious their whole lives — for me that’s all of the good times that I shared with my older sister.

Marissa’s mini-golf lesson with Grandpa

After our turn on the go-karts, the fam decided to play miniature golf. It was a lot of fun playing with my kids. My son didn’t take it as seriously as I did, but I’m not kidding when I say that my 4-year-old daughter, Marissa tied with me for 2nd place. She got two holes in one. That’s double what I got!

We had fun. After golf, we went for lunch and then stopped in the Candy kitchen.  I swear, it was like I was a kid again. I bought a 1/4 lb. of raspberry creams, just like old times. I corrupted my mother-in-law with them and she had two of them (it is her birthday) before we were back to the car.

It’s only Monday and we’re at the beach until Saturday. We have a full week ahead of us. I’m looking forward to spending this time with my family.With me being me and all, I’ve already taken the family to Harpoon Hanna’s for dinner (yes, everyone loved the bread!) and I have plans to take them to Warren Station for cream of crab soup, to Fisher’s for caramel popcorn, and Hooper’s Crab House for all-you-can-eat Maryland Blue crabs! Luckily we have a week … there is a lot of food traditions that I plan to share.

I hope you enjoy your last two weeks of summer! See you on the flip side!

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