The Pig for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Photo by Lindsay Hovermale

In May, the EatWell group opened another soon-to-be successful restaurant, the Pig (3115 14th St. NW), is truly a pork-lovers dream. In most dishes, pork is featured in a subtle manner that enhances the dishes rather than being a main focus. In the summer squash gnocchi, bits of crispy pork belly counter the slight sweetness of the squash and truffled corn, providing just enough contrast and keeping you searching for those meaty tidbits. Another standout is the head on shrimp & grits, featuring a shell-fish tomato broth that contains thin slices of spicy chorizo. With at least several dishes on the menu, diners may want to ask for extra bread to sop up the tasty, buttery sauces to complete their meal. Keeping with the small plate trend, plates at the Pig should be ordered with the intent to share, giving you the opportunity to try dishes in both the more and less pig varieties, if desired.

Menu board

Contrary to the belief that this may be strictly a carnivore’s new favorite “pork-centric” locale, options for those who prefer meat-free meals are also available and quite tasty. The beets and greens are an excellent veggie option, straying from the typical cold beet and goat cheese salads seen on numerous menus across DC and beyond. The warm, buttery flavor are comforting yet still unique, a common theme in many of the restaurant’s dishes. Other homey dishes were the boar spoon bread, accented with truffle and lightly browned on the top, providing just the right crispness to counter the otherwise softer dish; and the fried mashed potatoes, spiced with a tomato jam.

Few meals are complete without something sweet, and the Pig does not neglect the after-dinner cocktail and dessert menu. Start with a refreshing farmhouse smash, featuring organic voda, fresh strawberries, basil, lemon cordial, and clover honey. After a savory, filling meal, diners may want to just consider a dessert drink, such as the Arnold ziffel,  a rich, chocolate beverage that includes cocoa tequila, coffee liqueur, and a chili-infused finish, giving an unexpectedly unique (and always welcome) alcoholic end to the meal.  In keeping with the name, the pig includes a sundae bloody sundae, with blood-chocolate ice cream, ginger whipped cream, and a bacon-peanut brittle. With desserts like these, drinks and dessert at the Pig may be on the agenda of many DC residents for keeping cool this summer.

Food aside, the overall laid-back atmosphere and beyond helpful staff make the Pig a place to visit time and time again. Be sure to visit early (service begins at 5pm) to ensure that you don’t miss out on your favorites, as dishes do tend to sell out as the evening draws to a close. Additionally, the Pig will begin serving brunch starting June 30th on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am – 3pm, followed by a light charcuterie menu until dinner service at 5pm.


Here’s a sneak peek of their new brunch menu below:

smoked ham benedict  buttermilk biscuit, duck eggs, poblano hollandaise

huevos tomatillos eggs, smoked choico, lentils, corn tortilla, house cheese

gnocchi & eggs bacon lardons, sautéed greens, duck eggs, hollandaise

burger pancetta, charred arugula, fontina, tomato jam, fried smashed potatoes

banh mi pork belly, roast pork, pate, pickled vegetables, thai chili aioli

carolina bbq brioche, spicy gastrique, mac n cheese, greens…

charcuterie sopprasetta, coppa, gruyere, cherry mustard
Written by Dining in DC’s contributor, Lindsay Hovermale 

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