Tonic at Quigley’s Cures Summer Fever With New Menu

Ron Burgundy Cocktail. Photo by L. Hove

Last week, Tonic at Quigley’s revealed their summer menu while hosting an intimate media preview. Executive chef Michael Degginger displayed a variety of offerings that will be available as of June 4th at their popular Foggy Bottom location (2036 G St. NW). The restaurant is housed in a former pharmacy and lunch counter that was later purchased by GWU. Tonic at Quigley’s honors the original owner, Richard Lucien Quigley (founder of Quigley’s Pharmacy in 1891 and fellow GWU alumnus) in design and spirit, featuring exposed brick from the original structure and historic photographs from the GWU archive. According to their website, it strives to “serve as a meeting place for students, faculty, and neighbors to enjoy fare as they did once over 100 years ago.”

Peach pisco cocktail. Photo by L. Hove

The evening began with a cocktail hour, where the Ron Burgundy stole the show for the most uniquely named cocktail. Other drinks hosted a variety of spirits, including noted trends of using Pisco and St. Germain liquor in spring and summer in DC. The Peach Pisco included pisco (no kidding!) and peach bits along with other ingredients, proving to be a light, refreshing cocktail that wasn’t overly sweet and perfect to sip on a hot summer day. Another favorite was the LaFleur, made with gin, St. Germain, Crème de Cassis, lemon juice, and bubbles to create another distinctive flavor that remains from the Tonic’s spring menu.

Cous cous salmon salad. Photo by L. Hove

Next, plates presented held a myriad of ethnic cuisine, ranging from Texas Egg Rolls to Thai Chicken Satay. The menu focused on finger foods that would be great for sharing. Other dishes included Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders, a Tonic staple; the Aztec Burger, with a blackened burger, guacamole, and a chipotle aioli; and the Char Sui Pizza, comprised of a Hoisin sauce based, Korean BBQ marinated chicken, and cilantro. While bite-sized versions of these dishes were available for the preview, splitting full entrees or several small plates would be a great way to taste more of what Tonic has to offer.

Anita playing with her tots! Photo by L. Hove

Although the new menu was the focus, Tonic’s tater tots, another staple, were the stars of the evening. Traditionally served with either 3 dipping sauces, as tot-chos (tot nachos!), and Coney Island Tots, the tots were used in a completely different way. Attendees, including Johnna Rowe from Johnna Knows Good Food and Anita Hattiangadi from Greg’s List DC. were invited to make a playful creation using the tater tots in whatever manner they chose. Winners were “The Eiffel Tot-er” and (not to toot my own horn) “Born Tot Be Wild,” featuring Evel Knievel. (Congrats to Lindsay Hove, who won 2nd place!) While this may not be an everyday event, guests enjoyed “playing with their tots” for at least one evening.

Visit Tonic at Quigley’s for classic dishes with a twist, great for a night out for nearby GWU students. For more information about their Foggy Bottom and Mt. Pleasant locations, visit their website at and tell them that Dining in DC sent you!
Dining in DC’s newest contributor, Lindsay Hovermale provided event coverage for this post.

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