“Tiki” it up a notch at Dirty Martini

Where the rum’s gone – DM Tiki Bar.

In the spirit of summer (and rum spirits), Dupont Circle’s, Dirty Martini (1223 Connecticut Ave., NW) known for its modern upscale, sophisticated style has quietly launched a new addition to its rooftop lounge. Unlike the Passenger and Tryst, who currently serve up island flair just once a week, Dirty Martini’s new Tiki Bar will be open ready to serve up a refreshing cocktail Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m., plenty of opportunity to show off your coconuts. No promises though that you’ll get leid (the kind you get at a luau, what a dirty mind!)

With hand-carved ice (with a chainsaw!), 6 fresh squeezed juices, 9 syrups, a whopping 35 rum varieties, and an enticing menu with more than 14 hand-crafted cocktails, Dirty Martini is stepping up the tiki bar game in both variety and quality of beverages. With more than a dozen island-inspired cocktails, they are guaranteed to quench your thirst (just don’t drink all 14 at once!).

One of 14 featured island-inspired cocktails

JP Caceres, owner and founder of Let’s Imbibe, Inc., as well as mixologist for Dirty Martini, has been honing his Polynesian creations in his “laboratory,” where up to 30 creative cocktails will be devised before the end of summer. “We’ll be serving everything fresh, house-made, and hand-carved,” says Caceres. Look for Caceres and his highly trained mixologist team on the rooftop of Dirty Martini now through at least the end of October.

A Guest post by “Hove”

Dining in DC’s newest contributor, Lindsay Hovermale is a DC area local funding her dining and concert habits as a research associate for drug and alcohol studies, apprentice mixologist at Dirty Martini, and Ph. D student at the University of Maryland. She has a voracious appetite for quality and passion in food and in life. Lindsay enjoys all things bacon, bourbon, local music, running, and recovering from running injuries. She prefers her eggs poached.

Look for more posts from Lindsay to get information on the special event and music scenes in DC and the surrounding areas. Follow her on Twitter @theycallmeHOVE and her forthcoming blog, Hunger Hierarchy.

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