The New Fujimar Offers Asian-Latino Nouveau Cuisine

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Did you know that has restaurant menus on their website? If you don’t have time to submit an “Ask Lisa”, you don’t have my cell phone number and you’re in need of a place in a specific neighborhood, or a place to satisfy a type of craving like sushi, then it’s pretty handy. Speaking of sushi, Fujimar, the hottest new arrival on the DC restaurant scene has a brand new sushi bar. Think Lima, but infuse Latin and Asian flavors. Wash it down with sake and tequila (but not together!). Now drop some downtempo music. Now you’ve got the picture.

To be fair, the K Street location, opened to much fanfare back in late February, actually reflects a rebranding of Lima, the restaurant that formerly occupied the same top-floor space (what used to be Vetro) and was also run by Chef Raynold Mendizabal. While both restaurants share these similarities and a general Latin flare, Fujimar reflects far more than a change of name and brand. It functions like a high-end sushi bar with an Asian-Latin fusion, it strives to be just as hip and trendy as the fashionable Lima Lounge nightclub downstairs, and it offers perceptibly-fresh fish and seafood that stands a step above most similar option in town.

The ambiance of the restaurant brings to mind countless words associated with high society. Stylish. Modern. Glossy. Jazzy. Luxurious. The list goes on. Make no mistake about it: with its plush seating and sleek modern exterior, Fujimar tries hard – and succeeds – in making a minimalist lounge seem like a lap of luxury. The style is not for everybody, but already the place and its design has become a great late-night K Street destination to see and be seen.

As for the food, Chef Raynold Mendizabal takes great pains to deliver the freshest fish and seafood available. The menu proudly informs diners that the fish used in the dishes are shipped to DC the very same day that they are captured in the wild. Combined with a range of Latin flavors, this makes for a delicious consistency to every dish available. You really can’t go wrong giving the spicy tuna, the Chilean sea bass, and certainly the hamachi a try. Sushi and ceviche served until 1 a.m. Monday through Thursday and until 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday. There is also a unique and extensive drink menu for those in the mood, including Sake.

If you’re looking for fresh, reasonably-priced food in a hip atmosphere, Fujimar fits the bill and is worth a visit. If you want a more low-key, down-to-earth dining experience, however, you might be better served looking somewhere else.

Fujimar is located at 1401 K Street NW, just one short block from the McPherson Metro station. Valet parking is available for $6 at the door.

Twitter: @fujimardc
Amanda Green contributed to this article.

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