If You Have to Choose, Choose Merzi

A guest post by Dining in DC contributor, Daphne Domingo

When thinking of a place to dine in Penn Quarter, a lot of DC’s top restaurants come to mind. While it’s fun to dress up for a night out on the town, some days, you just want to eat someplace quick and casual. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many choices in the bustling neighborhood aside from typical sandwiches, fast food or pizza. Until now.

Merzi Counter. Photo by Daphne Domingo

December 1st, Merzi opened its doors to the public, offering casual Indian fare. Similar to Chipotle, guests walk up to the counter and select a base (naan, basmati rice, chaat or salad), a protein (chicken, beef, shrimp, lamb, Tandisserieâ„¢ chicken, or vegetables including lentils), vegetable accompaniments, and topped with your choice of a warm sauce or cool chutney in mild medium or hot. All the ingredients are fresh and flavorful from the savory shrimp that pops with flavor, the tender Tandisserieâ„¢ chicken which combines the best of tandoori and rotisserie cooking, to their modern takes on traditional sauces including Makani and tamarind chutney. While their servings are pretty generous, the samosa and potato tikka make great side dishes.

Merzi: Delicious, healthy and inexpensive.

Merzi is an ideal place for healthy, satisfying, and delicious food with friendly service and even friendlier price (under $10). In fact, it was the first place I thought to go to after finishing the Master Cleanse, once I was ready to have solid food again. Some customers go regularly because of their healthy low-fat possibilities, even claiming some weight loss. (Perhaps Jerod and Subway has some competition?) Even with all the choices offered, customers are hard-pressed to find a combination that doesn’t work well. My personal favorite includes basmati, Tandisserieâ„¢ chicken, all the veggies and a combination of both the medium Tikka Masala sauce and tamarind chutney.

What’s your favorite combo? Add it to the comment list below.

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  1. Daphne Domingo

    Feb 20. 2011

    I could eat there every week!

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