Cava Grill Opens in Bethesda: Good Quality Food in a Fast, Casual setting.

Cava Grill. Photo by L. Shapiro

Cava Mezze, the team behind the delicious Greek-inspired restaurants, Cava with locations on Capitol Hill, Clarendon, VA and Rockville, MD, have opened their first fast-casual concept, Cava Grill on Tuesday, January 18th, at 4832 Bethesda. Ave. in Bethesda, MD. The grill has opened in the Bethesda Row storefront formerly occupied by Marvelous Market, the same block where Chicken Out closed in December.

Founders Ike Grigoropoulos, Ted Xenohristos, and Chef Dimitri Moshovitis are looking to bring the same authentic flavors that has made the full-service Cava locations so successful, but redefining many of their signature dishes to be quick, budget- friendly all in a fast-casual setting.

The grill’s menu staples are pitas, bowls, and salads that average about $7. Think Chipotle, but Greek. I absolutely love Chipotle; that’s not a secret, but I also love Greek food. You certainly can’t get lamb at Chipotle. In fact, the Mediterranean diet has always been considered one of the healthiest, with the use of olive oil, lemon, oregano, salt and pepper, and all natural ingredients.

The authenticity of our food has been the driving force behind our full-service restaurants,
noted Ted Xenohristos. It goes back to our mothers’ cooking – with many ingredients coming from our
own garden, the food was always so fresh, healthy and full of flavor. We wanted to share that
experience with everyone, and Cava Grill’s format helps us do that.

Cava Grill Minis. Photo by L. Shapiro

On Monday, January 17th, I had the opportunity to stop by the new Cava Grill in Bethesda. I had the “minis” with lamb and chicken and also the lentil soup. The Minis are essential open-faced miniature-sized pita sandwiches. The lamb and chicken were tender and flavorful. The feta was and Tzatziki were delicious. Although they tasted very good, they were very hard to eat. The pita bread was very small, s0 the toppings fell off very easily. One of their business partners, Brett Schulman, already informed me that they were aware and we working on a different method to serve them so they would be less difficult to handle while eating.

The Lentil soup was also very good — and had a lot of bay leaves! At least mine did! I teased Shulman about the belief that finding the bay leaf was good luck. At least that’s what my mother always told me. Perhaps she just made that up so that I wouldn’t be upset that my spoonful had a giant leaf on it.

Cava Grill interior. View from Center tables. Photo by L. Shapiro

Besides delicious fare, Cava Grill is implementing ergonomic and environmentally friendly practices. The interior utilized reclaimed wood was used for all millwork in the new grill. In addition, all of Cava Grill’s disposable items – bowls, cutlery, cups, napkins, and bags – are completely compostable.

Grigoropoulos, Xenohristos and Moshovitis plan to expand Cava Grill, opening several outlets in the Washington, D.C., metro area. Schulman also indicated that the Cava group is looking to open two more grills within the next few months in D.C. Possible locations include Dupont Circle and Penn Quarter.
Cava Grill
4832 Bethesda Ave.
Bethesda, MD 20814
(240) 221-0887

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